Workshop Kirtan med Jakob Weise 16/2 kl. 18-20

Kirtan Workshop - Chanting of ancient mantras

Immerse yourself in Sanskrit and Hindi prayers and the practice of kirtan, a call-and-response chanting of ancient mantras. Through the repetition of the divine names, we are able to still the mind and slowly uncover what is inside of ourselves, underneath our thoughts and emotions, and experience the field of pure being and awareness that is always present.

The more we do practice and keep coming back to the mantra, the easier it gets to let go of our thoughts and allow the emotions to gently pass through and dissolve. We develop the ability to watch the thoughts as they come and go with less judging and without getting caught up in them.

Chanting is a meditation technique that helps us reconnect with the silence and the inner presence of peace, bringing us back to the source; the infinite state of our true Self.

Mantra meditation combines breath and sound and affects both body and brain chemistry so we can balance the nervous system, calm the mind and experience moments of clarity.

Come and sing from the heart with Danish musician Jakob Weise who is leading the kirtan and playing the harmonium and guitar. Jakob will be sharing his personal practice with you and will be doing call-and-response chanting (kirtan), with the opportunity for your voice to co-create the moment, as well as some of his favourite invocations and prayers.

When: Feb 16, 18-20

Investment: 350kr

We do not make any refunds for sickness or other reasons not to join. For events, all sales are final. 

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